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    Before You Start


    GYMIFY and its complimentary services provide fully-fledged software for fitness centres, CrossFit gyms, sports centres and other venues. GYMIFY, with all of its services, includes:

    • GYMIFY App - Web app for fitness centre owners/staff
    • GYMIFY Reader - Android app, which is accessible on our tablets and serves to create an original design for your fitness centre.
    • The main page gymify.io (gymify.sk / gymify.cz) - The page provides a space for your fitness centre promotion, client registration and booking system.
    • GYMIFY Mobile App for clients
    • GYMIFY Coach - Online app for fitness and CrossFit trainers providing a space for online coaching.

    Selecting Your Subscription and Fitness Centre Registration

    Start using GYMIFY today! Register your fitness centre here. Additionally, before registering, you can familiarise yourself with the types of subscriptions we offer in our Price list for fitness centres and choose the one that suits you best. The more information you provide before registration, the easier and quicker it will be for you to navigate the GYMIFY system.

    PS: Some functions can be added/removed from the subscriptions, or alternatively, you can create your own individual subscription. So if you have not found what you are looking for, contact us for our special offers.

    Quick TIP!

    Smart Card Design and Card Reader

    If our software meets your requirements and you are interested in further cooperation with us, you can contact us. We can provide you with your smart cards printed with your fitness centre design. We can create the designs or provide the necessary information if you prefer your graphic designer. After printing the cards (it takes max. 7 days), we send you the cards and a smart card reader tablet with preinstalled GYMIFY Reader App. Right now, all you have to do to start using GYMIFY is sign the contract. Additionally, GYMIFY supports a wide range of accounts.

    Types of GYMIFY Accounts

    GYMIFY provides accounts for:

    • The owner/manager of the fitness centre
    • Fitness centre reception
    • Clients of the fitness centre
    • Fitness/Crossfit trainers

    In addition, you can also manage other fitness centre employees and have all the information about your gym in one system.

    If you have any questions, we provide online consultations, which are for free for all potential clients!

    Quick TIP!