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Sales Statistics


All sales in the GYMIFY system are recorded and accessible in the Sales section. Sales are further divided into products/services, and memberships, which have a separate section in the system. In this section, you can access three different categories:

Overview of individual sales

Existing orders, which can consist of multiple products, are located in the Orders section. These orders are then divided in the Products section which displays more detailed information about individual sales. Sold memberships are also displayed in a separate category and their sale is separated from the sales of other products and services.

Products sales records

You can export the data in .xlsx format (Excel) by clicking on “Export filtered sales” in the upper right corner of the Products and Memberships sections. You can also select products and their sales in an individual period by clicking on the filter in the Products section. You can filter the data based on:

  • The date from – to using predefined time periods or using custom settings
  • The employee who made the sale
  • The type of transaction (in cash or credit transaction from the client’s account)
  • The products that are selected in the filter (you can use this function only in the Products section)

You can print receipts and choose the number of copies by enabling this function and clicking on the “Print Receipt” button.

Quick TIP!

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