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    Connecting Stripe Payment Gateway


    The GYMIFY booking system offers you the use of an online payment gateway for clients. More information about the Stripe payment gateway is available at https://stripe.com. Stripe is one of the most popular providers of online payments worldwide and meets firm measures regarding security and protection from fraud payments.

    The GYMIFY system never receives any information about your payment cards. The payment is provided and secured only by Stripe.

    Quick TIP!

    A link is created between the fitness centre owner and the Stripe Company by connecting to the payment gateway. You can connect the gateway to GYMIFY by going to the section Administration -> Settings -> Integration -> Payment Gateway. Follow the instructions of the Stripe Company to connect the gateway; afterwards, your account will be available in the GYMIFY system.

    If you already have created an account on Stripe, the process can be done more quickly, as you can use the account to connect to GYMIFY.

    Quick TIP!

    After successfully connecting to Stripe, you can use the gateway to create reservations or event sign-up in the booking system by enabling the Allow Card Payment setting. Stripe holds the funds for a limited time before the money is transferred to your chosen account at regular intervals.


    You can allow refunds for reservations or events in GYMIFY. You can set the payment policy in the Administration -> Settings -> Integration -> Payment Gateway section. The total price is returned by default. Refunds automatically occur when the client signs out of an event or reservation. All online payments are available in the GYMIFY system, section Administration -> Online Payments.

    Attention! Refunds are done automatically. If you need to do a manual refund, please take this into account!

    Quick TIP!

    Automatic Invoice

    You can enable the processing of automatic invoices in the section Administration -> Settings -> Integration -> Payment Gateway. Invoices (credit notes) will be automatically sent to your client’s email in your company's name. If you are not interested in this function, you can turn off the automatic invoices. Otherwise, you can access or download all invoices in the Administration -> Online Payments section.