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    Sharing Files and Signing Contracts


    To avoid the chaos and inconveniences associated with signing contracts with your clients, you can use the GYMIFY system, which enables you to display all contracts.

    You can share contracts, training plans, or other files with your clients. To enable this function, go to https://my.gymify.app/gym/administration/shared-documents.

    You can share files and use up to 1GB of space. You can also delete the old files and make space for new ones.

    Quick TIP!

    Adding New Files

    To add and share new files with your clients, click or drag the files into the box on the right side of the screen; see the picture below. You can see the available data storage space on the screen's left side.

    Current storage capacity and uploading new files

    Types of Sharing

    The file sharing function can be used for more purposes other than signing contracts. In the settings, you can choose with whom you will share the documents: all clients, selected clients, or clients in specific categories. When you share files with your clients, you must choose the name of the document so the client knows what he is signing. Additionally, you can add an optional description. Also, you can choose whether the document requires a signature or not. All the optional information is visible in the picture below. After you share the file, the information will be available at the bottom of the form.

    Contracts sharing

    You can share the same file multiple times to different client categories. For example, pensioners or individuals with disabilities (with DID cards) will need to sign different documents than other clients. Thus, you can create a specific category “DID”, which will include only selected clients. This way you can add new clients with DIDs and have their signature in one place.

    Quick TIP!

    Important documents requiring signature must be signed as soon as possible. Otherwise, the client cannot access even the basic functions of the GYMIFY mobile app.


    You can use the function to share files not only to share contracts for online signatures but also for promotion, training plans, tips and tricks, and many other functions. In addition, it enables you to select and group clients into specific categories or share files with only one particular client if necessary.