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    GYMIFY Tablet Reader App


    The function of the GYMIFY Reader App is to connect clients to the GYMIFY software. After performing all the steps mentioned in the article Before You Start, you will receive a tablet for smart card scanning in the GYMIFY system.

    After receiving the tablet, the GYMIFY Reader App should be installed and prepared for the first login. Additionally, the app should be automatically running after turning on the tablet. If, by any chance, the app is not installed, go to the app Google Play and search for GYMIFY Reader (link to Google Play). After installing the app, use your manager account created in GYMIFY to log in.

    Before logining in, check whether you are connected to internet. The tablet must be connected to your local WiFi to communicate with GYMIFY.

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    If the app has already been installed, log in using one of your manager accounts. After logging in, the desktop should be personalised using your colour scheme and logo (if you skipped the general settings, you can find more information on how to set colours and logo in the article General Settings).

    When the smart card is tapped on the designated area, the table records the client's attendance (check-in). In addition, clients have multiple ways to record a check-in; for more information, go to the article Clients Identification. Clients can register for GYMIFY after scanning the QR code and clicking the Sign up for GYMIFY! button. Afterwards, they have to fill in the necessary information.

    To change the GYMIFY Reader App settings, click on the cog wheel icon in the upper left corner and enter your password.

    In the settings, you can change the duration of the check-in notification on the screen.

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    Most Common Problems and Their Solutions

    We have encountered a few problems that may happen while running the app. However, there is nothing to worry about, and the solutions are simple and can be dealt with in a matter of minutes.

    • Forgotten Password
      • If you have forgotten your password with which you log in to our app, go to the tablet's main page, Settings -> Application, choose the GYMIFY Reader App, go to the Storage section and click on Delete Data. You will be logged out of the app, and afterwards, you can log in again using one of your manager accounts.
    • Problems with Card Scanning
      • If the tablet does not recognise the card, the problem might be with the NFC service. First, try to restart the tablet. If it does not work, go to Settings -> Connection and turn off/on NFC. Make sure that the Android Beam function and P2P mode are turned off. The settings may vary depending on the type of tablet. However, after successfully changing the GYMIFY Reader app settings, the card should be scanned immediately after tapping the tablet. If the scanning takes longer than it should, the problem will be in the settings. We recommend you contact our support.
    • A global problem with the Tablet
      • We recommend doing a factory reset if some of the tablet's functions are not working, an update error occurs, or any of the preceding solutions do not work. Go to Settings -> Backup and Restore (or alternatively, restore factory settings).
      • After restarting, you must log in to your Google account using an SMS message or email. If you restore factory settings, please contact us.

    In the app, clients can upload their profile pictures using the camera button in the upper left corner.

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    The app also lets clients choose their membership if they have multiple active memberships. Additionally, the app can be downloaded to any tablet using the Android system. However, we guarantee full compatibility only with our supplied tablets.