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    Creating and Editing Events


    To simplify the management of Events in the booking system, we recommend you create templates for events (they work similarly to membership templates). You can find this function, with the option to add a new personal trainer or share the booking system, in the right corner of the website.

    Sharing the booking system, adding new trainer, and event templates functions

    Creating Event Templates

    To create a new template, click the Add Template button, which opens a new window where you need to fill in information about the event. For example, the following information can be added to the event:

    • Price Alternatives - If the created event needs to include multiple prices (e.g., differences in the offered services), you can add different prices from which the client can choose their preferred option.
    • The time of the event is the primary time when the event is supposed to take place. However, you can choose automatic repetition and change or add different dates.
    • When creating the event, you can allow, ban, or label the text box Phone Number as optional.
    • If your clients sign up using their GYMIFY memberships, you can limit their registration to selected templates or credit memberships. Then, when the clients sign up using their membership on the GYMIFY app, the credit will be automatically deducted.
    • You can set multiple deadlines:
      • Cancellation deadline - Clients can no longer sign out of the event after the deadline.
      • Registration deadline - Clients can no longer sign in for the event after the deadline. This function is very useful when preparing for the class in advance.
      • Priority in the booking system - You can prioritize loyal clients using this deadline. Setting priority for all clients will allow registration only to clients with the GYMIFY app. Only the selected clients can register if you choose clients marked as a priority.
    • The maximum number of additional members - You can allow clients to register multiple members. This option limits the number of additional members they can sign in.

    We do not recommend using price alternatives for Additional Members. Instead, you should set the maximum number of extra members the clients can sign up with themselves.

    Quick TIP!

    After creating event templates, they will be accessible in the left part of the calendar.

    Creating event templates

    Creating an Event from a Template or Using a One-Time Event

    You can add an event to the calendar by simply dragging the template to the given day, or, if using GYMIFY on small devices, you can click on the given day in the calendar. Then, you can choose an event from the templates or create a one-time event. When creating a new event, the settings are identical to creating templates. However, when you add an event from an existing template, all the information will be already filled in and set.

    When creating templates or one-time events, you can add the trainer who will teach the class. In addition, you can add automatic repetitions to make the management of events even simpler. For more information, read the articles Automatic Repetition of Events and Management of Personal Trainers.